With the method I have developed, you will be able to teach your babies and children to go to sleep by themselves (without a pacifier, without suckling, without rocking, all by themselves) – And not less important then that … they will learn to sleep through the night, for an unbroken 10 – 12 hours. The method is based on fulfilling the baby’s needs. All the actions you take will answer what your baby needs at any given moment in time. The method offers the baby a regular and systematic response.

I developed the method as a result of  a very comprehensive study and training, including a degree in nursing, a course in basic midwifery, a graduate degree in nursing in the education track, psychotherapy, and studying the field of infant and children’s sleep as part of the doctoral thesis I am currently working on.

It is a behavioral method based on fulfilling the baby’s needs, while putting across three messages:

You need to sleep
We are here
We trust you to succeed

A normal and healthy baby will try everything to persuade his parents that they should put him to sleep, because it is easy and pleasant. But the parent’s role is to give the baby love, contact, play and stimulation during the day, and at night, to enable the baby to get himself to sleep and sleep throughout the night, giving a proper and professional response in cases where the baby has difficulty and cries. Using the method I have developed, parents learn to manage their response to crying in a professional way – to respond but to do it the right way.

The method is aimed at maintaining the baby’s health by preventing interruptions to his sleep, thus reducing the risk of various health problems that result from a shortage of sleep or interrupted sleep during infancy and childhood.

This method will provide you with solutions for maintaining the sleep habits that have been learned if the baby is ill, if you have moved to another house, or if you have gone on a family vacation.  As well, when you have siblings sleeping in the same room, or whether the baby is breastfed/bottle fed, or parents not living togther and the baby or child stays overnight at on of the parents house.

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Parents tell of their experience
Two weeks after the process, our little daughter now asks to go to bed…

Dorit, thanks to you we have become more relaxed, calm and optimistic about the future. We hope that you will help other families the way you have helped us.

Adi and Haim Gabso

Hi Dorit,
We didn’t report back yesterday because we spent Shabbat with the family. The barmitzvah went off well, and the child slept like an angel!
We still can’t get over it 🙂 Even before we managed to do the full ceremony at the right time, because of the occasion. We’re already looking forward to tonight 🙂
Natalie Orbach
Thank you for turning our lives around! Alma sleeps through the night and falls asleep on her own, and as you said, she even looks forward to it.

Ester Malka