Sleep consultation is a process in which parents learn to teach their baby or child the skill of falling asleep on his own, a skill like all the other skills that children have to learn to perform for themselves. Since our sleep is made up of cycles, the infant has to learn to transition from one sleep cycle to the next, independent of any outside factor such as pacifier, suckling, bottle, rocking, or anything other than himself.

There are many schools and methods of teaching babies and children to sleep, and before starting the process, parents have to check the following:

1. The training of the sleep consultant or coach whose help they are asking for.

2. Whether parents will be accompanied through the process.

3. How long it will take to see results.

4. Does the method offer a solution for sleep in situations such as teething, when the child is ill, moving house, a child whose time is divided between different homes, a break in routine due to a vacation, or child who shares a room with other siblings in the family.

The sleep consultation and coaching process using the ‘At Night We sleep’ method includes:

1. A meeting at which I will ask questions about your particular baby or child.

2. I will tell you about the theory and the method.

3. I will prepare a learning program appropriate to the age of the baby or child, in accordance with the important details that you have told me about him.

4. You will receive a special report form that you will be asked to fill out every day during the learning week.

5. You will receive feedback and continued training for seven days.

6. A certificate of excellence will be sent to outstanding babies who sleep all night long!

I will be happy to accompany you and your child through this exciting process.

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Parents tell of their experience
Two weeks after the process, our little daughter now asks to go to bed…

Dorit, thanks to you we have become more relaxed, calm and optimistic about the future. We hope that you will help other families the way you have helped us.

Adi and Haim Gabso

Hi Dorit,
We didn’t report back yesterday because we spent Shabbat with the family. The barmitzvah went off well, and the child slept like an angel!
We still can’t get over it 🙂 Even before we managed to do the full ceremony at the right time, because of the occasion. We’re already looking forward to tonight 🙂
Natalie Orbach
Thank you for turning our lives around! Alma sleeps through the night and falls asleep on her own, and as you said, she even looks forward to it.

Ester Malka