Dorit and the team

Dorit is a mother of three, a nurse midwife, psychotherapist, lecturer at Tel Aviv University, and a doctoral student in the field of infant sleep. Dorit is a pioneer in the field of sleep consultation and coaching for babies and children, and founder of the school for continuous sleep coaching. Dorit works with a team of outstanding professionals who have undergone special and comprehensive training.

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Sleep consultation is a process in which parents learn to teach their baby or child the skill of falling asleep independently. Since our sleep is made up of cycles, the child has to learn to transition from one sleep cycle to the next, without any outside factors such as pacifier, suckling, bottle, rocking, or anything other than himself.

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With the method I have developed, at night babies just sleep! Within an average of three days, your baby or child will learn to fall asleep by himself and sleep through a 10 – 12 hour night. This is a behavioral method that benefits the child, and is therefore quickly adopted.

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It is a behavioral method based on fulfilling the baby's needs, while putting across three messages:

We are here

The first message in this method is we are here! Parents react to the baby according to the method they deliver by their message to the sensory (sensory) we are here. The baby will feel the confidence that someone responds to him, and this time, the reaction will also be a professional baby and consistent. As we know consistency makes the baby feel secure.

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You have to sleep

The second message, behavioral, its night now ... and it’s time to sleep! Yes, yes ... it's all right to demand from the baby to sleep at night and give parents and other family members time to sleep. When the infant and child receive love, touch, play and stimulation, it is only natural that ultimately he/she will be told: Now it’s time to sleep. When you do so to by training, professionally and systematically, the child not only learns to sleep, but he accepts and happily refills this need of sleep. Parents are responsible for filling the needs of the baby and sleep is a basic need.

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We trust you'll succeed

with the method "its night time to sleep" Parents trust that the mission will succeed by the baby falling asleep and sleeping by himself through the night. The feeling of "you can" continues to accompany the baby even as an adult. A baby is helpless production. He has an uncanny ability from the moment of birth. Sleep is a skill that can (and should) teach the baby from day one. From the age of 3 months, the baby will be able to sleep through the night

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Parents tell of their experience

Two weeks after the process, our little daughter now asks to go to bed…

Dorit, thanks to you we have become more relaxed, calm and optimistic about the future. We hope that you will help other families the way you have helped us.

Adi and Haim Gabso

Hi Dorit,
We didn’t report back yesterday because we spent Shabbat with the family. The barmitzvah went off well, and the child slept like an angel!
We still can’t get over it 🙂 Even before we managed to do the full ceremony at the right time, because of the occasion. We’re already looking forward to tonight 🙂
Natalie Orbach
Thank you for turning our lives around! Alma sleeps through the night and falls asleep on her own, and as you said, she even looks forward to it.

Ester Malka